Feb 17, 2019

Artifact depicting modern humans and a human-looking birds

My name is Macario Solis and I am a self-taught archaeologist.  I believe I have decoded this mysterious artifact.  All the images that are in this rock were from people that existed thousands, perhaps millions of years ago.  The one who created this artifact must have had powers.  I believe it to be the almighty God who visited earth millions of years ago.  (pic titled "intro" will go with the intro section).
This is the other side of the previous effigy posted on January 21st, 2019 (artifact depicting flying human/angels)
 Above is the image of what I believe is the powerful,  almightly being who created all this mysterious and ancient artwork that you see here.


1a-Profile of a human bird facing left.


 1b- If you rotate artifact, you can see an image of another human bird facing left.


 2- If you turn artifact to the right, you can see a human bird flying to the right.  You can also see two images in the middle and facing view.  One is on top of the other.  You can also see two smaller birds.  One is standing and one is laying down.


3-Turn artifact to the left and there is an image facing to the left and upwards.  There are also multiple images facing the viewer.


4- There is an image of a modern looking human.


5a, 5b, 5c- On the bottom half of the rock, there is an image facing left.  In the center of the rock, you can also make out an image of a cross.


January 21, 2019

Artifact depicting flying humans/angels. 

This artifact was found in my farm in Outlook, WA in Yakima County.  It stands on its own and shows human angels flying left and right that existed thousands of years ago.  This artifact has images of humans as well.  Were there intelligent people years ago that sculpted or created these images.  Or were they made by aliens of another world.  I will only show one side in this description.  I will show the other side in a future post.


1-a, 1-b:  Human bird flies left with wing on the upstroke.  On the wing, you can see multiple images.  On the other wing, there is an image of an animal facing left and there is an image of a man facing right.


2.  When the rock is turned, there is a human bird that now flies to the right with an image of a man facing right but also facing the viewer. It also shows the image of a human looking backward.


3:  When turned again, there is a bird with a human head facing upwards at an angle.  There is also a big image of a man facing viewer.


4:  This is how it would have been used as a scraper.


November 12, 2018

Scraper tool depicting primitive people. 

This artifact was found in Outlook, WA in Yakima County.  This artifact is a small scraper.  It measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/4".  Sorry pareidolia, this artifact shows work has been done.  Sorry clouds, this artifact doesn't disappear.  Very sharp and fits in your hand.  I believe this species of primitive people existed millions of years ago.  These are not images that we imagine.  These were people that really existed, many years ago, perhaps thousands, even millions of years ago. I believe they had high intelligence, and were capable of making highly complex works of art.
Images 1a, 1b, 1c
2a, 2b: This is how the scraper would have been used with the right hand and left hand

October 27, 2018

"Dual Face" Effigy depicting  male and female human-ape species as well as a mysterious modern looking human child. 

This is a very mysterious artifact found on my farm in Yakima County.  It measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/2".  In this artifact you will see two images of a type of human/ape that lived here millions of years ago.  The image of the man is looking to the left and the woman is looking to the right.  In the middle of the rock, there is a modern looking baby facing the viewer.  This could be a depiction of an extraterrestrial species implanting a hybrid being that started the human race.

Right beside the baby is another very mysterious image of a man facing the viewer. Just above where the left eye is, you will see an adult face with modern features: a pointy nose and two eyes, with light-colored hair. What is this artifact trying to tell us? Could this be the adult that the baby will grow up to become?


August 17, 2018

Mysterious artifact depicting various images, including a woman with modern facial features

I ask myself why images of modern women can be found on these rocks.  Did ancient people from long ago accurately predict what modern people would look like in the future?  Did someone from another world visit earth and place these images on rocks?


Picture 1

Image of modern looking woman facing viewer.  To the right, there is a small dog facing left.  You can also see half of the face of a woman that is white.  It morphs into a man facing both left and right.  The woman's cap looks like a dog lying down facing left.



Picture 2

When looking at the rock upside down, you can see on the top part of the rock a bird's head facing to the right.  In the middle part of the rock that is white, you can see the image of a woman facing right.  The woman's hair forms an image of a primitive man facing viewer.  To the right of the white part of the rock, there is an image of a man leaning on the woman's face.



Picture 3 

This type of artifact/tool is called a "Mano."  This is how it was used to work leather.  The oils are still imbedded in the rock.


April 14, 2018

Prehistoric artifact depicting large primitive animals

This artifact was found on my farm in Outlook, WA.  Measureing 6 3/4" x 3 1/2", this artifact is a mano tool.  It depicts big, primitive animals.  Who sculpted these animal images? Did primitive tribes see these animals in North America many years ago?


Views 1a, 1b, 1c

This artifact depicts large, giant primitive animal facing right.  There is also a large, giant bird facing left.  If I remove my finger you can see a giant prehistoric animal facing left.  If you rotate the artifact, the body of the animal shows what appears to be writing.



Views 2a, 2b

If you flip the artifact, it depicts a giant prehistoric animal facing left.  If you rotate the artifact, writing can be seen on the body.



Demonstration as a tool

This is how the mano would have been used