About these artifacts...

These artifacts need to be decoded for the mysteries they hold. Years of study is required, to understand what was happening millions of years ago, to understand the life that happened before. These artifacts were made by ancient peoples with sophisticated tools. Perhaps they could have even been made by a species of higher intelligence that could have visited the planet and documented the life that they saw. They could have left behind these clues for future generations to uncover.

Sometimes your mind can trick you into not seeing the images, which is why you have to continue to study them at all hours and for extended periods of time. Images will continue to be revealed.



December 18, 2017

Ancient 'pointed head artifact' with images of primitive man, a cow-like animal, and a devil face

Found on my farm in Outlook, WA, this artifact measures 3 3/4" x 2 1/2".  Why does this pointed head artifact have images?  It could have been created by ancient civilizations for us to understand and study, so that this ancient civilization would not be forgotten. Whoever made this artifact did the best they could with whatever materials were available to them.

This is a very mysterious artifact that will reveal new images to you as you continue to study it. This artifact, why does it keep showing new images? It is almost as if it is a living thing, revealing its mysteries to you as it pleases. Could it be that aliens are unloading livestock from their ship, brought from another world? And why did they choose this area in the Pacific Northwest? Could all this that we are viewing, did it pre-date neanderthal and even the 180 million year mesozoic era of the dinosaurs?


Views 1a, 1b:  There are images facing left (1a) and right (1b).

There is a mysterious image in the middle of 1b), of a face looking down. I just discovered it. I believe this is the 'self portrait' of the artist who had created this artifact (thousands, perhaps millions of years ago?) Could this have been an ancient civilization that was raising horses and cows long ago?

UPDATE November 2020: as I keep studying this view, this image of the face looking down also looks straight at the viewer, an optical illusion created by the artist. There is also another hidden image of a face looking to the left.


UPDATE June 2020: If you look at image 1a, you will see what appears to be the top view of a cow-like animal from a high vantage point, as if viewing from high above. On the side of the cow you can smaller image of an early man's face in profile, facing right.

UPDATE December 2020: Apparently there is another image that has shown itself, on the very top of the artifact. There appears to be an image of a male and female embracing.

View 2: If you turn artifact to the left, there will be an image of people looking to the right.  In the center of the rock there is an image of a cow facing left.


Views 3a, 3b: Turn artifact left there is a large profile image of a man facing right.  This image is similar to an image presented by Ursel Benekendorff have on his portable rock art .  Also, in the middle of the rock, there is an image of a horse's head looking to the right.
UPDATE November 2020: In the face of the horse is another mysterious image of what appears to be a female woman looking right. She seems to be in agony, with her mouth open and tongue out.


View 4: A mysterious image facing left of a devil-like face.  There is also an image of a mysterious animal facing right.  In the middle of the artifact facing viewer is another devil-like image with horns.

UPDATE November 2020: To the left of the middle is another devil face, side by side.


November 21, 2017

'Scraper' with various images of alien ship

This artifact is a scraper with images.  Found in Outlook, WA, it measures 1 3/4" x 1 3/4 '.  I had already posted this artifact some time ago but after further study, I have found more mysterious images.  I believe this artifact and two other previously posted artifacts are millions of years old.

Views 1a, 1b, 1c:  These three images depict an extra terrestrial ship.


View 2:  On the right side of the artifact is a mysterious alien facing viewer.  On top are two small images facing viewer.  The eyes of the larger image form the mouths of the two smaller images above.

View 3: On the right side of the artifact, there is an image facing viewer.


View 4:  There is a profile image that faces right


View 5:  Here is a demonstration of how it may have been used as a scraper

October 21, 2017

Prehistoric artifact depicting primitive man and what appears to be an alien ship, as well as mysterious writing

This artifact was found oh my farm in Outlook, Washington.  It measures 1 1/4"x1 1/2".  This artifact shows obvious signs of work by man-made tools.  What makes me believe in the authenticity of this artifact is how well crafted the art is.  This rock appears to be extremely old.


Views 1a, 1b: Image of unidentified species of primitive man that existed many years ago.  Note: 1b is a view of 1a upside down.



View 2: Image of primitive animal facing right



View 3: Image of primitive animal facing left



Views 4a, 4b: My theory about this artifact is that it depicts an alien ship that may have visited primitive people



View 5: Could this be writing on the alien ship?



View 6: demonstration as a tool: This is how it would have been used to scrape or cut.

September 9, 2017

Effigy depicting various images of primitive man, unidentified dinosaurs, and some sort of space craft

This artifact was found in Outlook, WA in Yakima County. It measures 1 1/2" x 2".  The style of art in this type of effigy is incredibly old. I believe I have uncovered some of the oldest artifacts, created by some of the most ancient civilizations in the world.  If we don't study these kinds of artifacts, we will never know what was there millions (perhaps billions?) of years ago, and we will always be guessing like we are today.  The evidence in the art is here and, in my humble opinion, is irrefutable.


View 1: Mysterious artifact with many images.  Facing left are two images in one.  Primitive image of man facing right.  An image faces viewer in the middle of rock.  On top of rock are two faces side by side.


View 2:  Big image of dinosaur facing right.  Image of primitive man facing left.


View 3:  Big image of primitive animal facing right.


Views 4,5: The shape of the rock depicts extraterrestrial ship that likely came to visit primitive man


Views 6,7: This is how it would have been used to cut and scrape.


July 17, 2017

'Rock-art' tool depicting Neanderthals and other primitive men, as well as a mysterious alien species

This artifact, a rock-art tool, depicts Neanderthals in Washington State in North America thousands of years ago. As you will see from various artifacts in my collection, every one tells a story.  This particular artifact shows Neanderthal coexisting with another primitive man that were already here when Neanderthals came.  The last image shows a modern man with elongated heads.  I believe the last set of pictures depicts an alien.  This artifact supports my theory that people from another world mated with primitive people that were already here.  I believe these are authentic images of primitive people that existed thousands of years ago.


Views 1-a, 1-b:  Profile image of Neanderthal looking right and up.  This artifact was found in Outlook, WA  measures 3 1/2"x2 1/4".  This artifact is 100% authentic.


Views 2-a, 2-b: Turn artifact clockwise and there is a profile image of primitive man that co-existed with Neantherdal.  I believe this primitive man were already in Northamerica before Neanderthals arrived.


Views 3a, 3b: Turn artifact clockwise and you will see a profile of a modern-looking man with an oblong head facing left.  I believe this man is an alien that landed and is talking to primitive man.


Views 4a, 4b: This is a demonstration of how it was used to make cordage.

April 3, 2017

Ancient effigy suggesting the co-existence of humans and dinosaurs

This artifact measures 2x1 1/2" found in Yakima County.  This small artifact is perhaps millions of years old. It depicts images of dinosaurs and modern looking humans.  Was there an ancient civilization that co-existed with dinosaurs?  I've wondered whether this small artifact was part of an identification game they played with each other (perhaps to see who could identify them in less time!)  I believe this artifact to be authentic.  Professional archeologists need to get off of the merry-go-round and consider the possibility that humans co-existed with dinosaurs.  If this artifact depicts dinosaurs, it has to be one of the oldest artifacts that exist in the world.  Because of this, along with other findings, I believe North America may be home to some of the oldest artifacts in the world.

View 1: Top of artifact facing left there is an image of a monkey.  In the middle of the artifact there is a big image facing left.  On the right side, there are 3 images, one on top of the other.  They are all facing right.


View 2: Turn the artifact upside down and there is a big image facing left.  There are 3 other images facing right.  One image is looking up and the other two are one on top of the other.


View 3: If you flip the rock over, there is a big image facing left.  On top of that big image, there is an image facing up.  The arrangement is the same as the other side.


View 4: Turn it counterclockwise and there is an image facing left with elongated head.  Facing right is an image of the head of a dinosaur.


View 5: If you turn the rock slightly at an angle, there is an image facing to the right.


View 6: If you again turn the rock counterclockwise, you will see a big image of modern human facing right.