March 16, 2020

Artifact depicting boat, primitive men


This artifact depicts a boat with images of primitive people.  How long did this different species of people live in North America?  Did they cross the ocean millions of years ago?  Or were there ancient civilizations with knowledge and wisdom?  Why are these artifacts in North America?

I believe there was a highly intelligent civilization that existed millions of years ago, and that it consisted of multiple species of early humans.  


This view depicts a boat carrying people.  There is a big image facing left and a big image facing right.  These same images will also be seen on the other side of the artifact.  You will also see small images facing the viewer.  Above my thumb, you can see an apelike human.  The images are barely visible because it has been buried for millions of years.


This is the other side of the artifact pictured in #1.  Its the same image as the first side.

 These two pictures are of the same image as #2 but are slightly turned to the left.

Feb 10, 2020

Artifact depicting boat, modern men


Explanation: Who made these artifacts?  These images show that there were different species of early humans co-existing in the landscape.  This ship inspires many questions: Was this millions of years ago? Were there intelligent civilizations that existed millions of years ago during the existence of dinosaurs?  Why would there be a ship on an artifact? Were people traveling by water?

I believe there was a civilization with intelligence that existed millions of years ago with different species of people.  



Artifact depicts a ship.  What can also be seen is a type of humanoid that is ape looking.

If you turn artifact you can see a species of man with a long nose facing left. 

Artifact shows an image of a modern man facing right

Artifact shows an image of a prehistoric animal laying down and facing left.  It also shows an image in the middle of a modern man looking at the viewer.

Here you can see a prehistoric animal facing slightly left and towards the viewer.