September 6th, 2020

Collection of scraper tools depicting horses and modern men

These knives were found in the Outlook area in Yakima County.  All artifacts resemble each other, which suggests a common community of makers and users of these tools.  Why did these people use these particular tools with images of horses and modern man, as can be seen in my post from August 5th, 2020 and December 18th, 2017?  What I find mysterious is that these very primitive tools contain depictions of animals and humans that did not exist at the time.  Neanderthal and native american workmanship is much more refined and uses better material.  This suggests this style of craftsmanship cannot be Neanderthal or native american.  We need to further study the history of North America.

August 5th, 2020

Knife-scraper tool depicting various mysterious faces

This artifact is a knife-scraper found in Ourlook, WA.  Measures 3" x 2 1/4".  The art in this rock is so old that it is fading.  It is sharp and shows good workmanship.  It fits perfectly in your hand.  Who are these images on this rock?  How old is this artifact?  Who made this artifact?
On the right side of the artifact, there are 3 images facing left, one on top of the other stacked. On the left side of the artifact, there is a big image facing to the right.  If you cover the mouth and concentrate on the nose and forehead of this image, another image will appear.

Turn artifact upside down and there are two big images facing left, appearing cheek to cheek. There is a third image facing right.

This is how it would have been used as a scraper.

July 23, 2020

Artifact depicting Ancient Serpent Devouring Native American

This is artifact made of petrified wood. It is the other side of the artifact posted earlier on June 23rd of this year. They mystery of this artifact shows images of a serpent devouring a man.  What is it trying to tell us?

There is an image of a native american man facing left.

Here you can see another image of a Native American, facing to the right. There is also an image facing the viewer.

If you turn the stone, you can see a serpent devouring the man

After turning the stone yet again, you can see another image of a serpent devouring a man

June 23, 2020

Artifact depicting Various images of Native Americans

This artifact is a scraper found in Ourtlook, WA.  It measures 1 1/4" x 2 1/4".  This image is just one side of the rock.  I will show the other side on the next post.  This artifact is not as old as most of my other artifacts yet this style of art is still present.  This suggests that this type of art has survived and has been passed down to future generations.

There is an image of an old Native American man encompassing the whole face of the rock.  On the top half of the rock, there is an image facing to the right and there is also an image facing to the left.  I believe these are also Native Americans.

After turning rock upside down, there is an image of a bird with a long beak looking down.  On the bottom half of the rock, there is an image facing to the left and another facing to the right.  I believe these are also images of Native Americans.

After turning the artifact counterclockwise, there is an image of a serpent eating a man.

After turning the artifact again, there is yet another image of a serpent devouring a man.

This artifact is a scraper and this is how it would have been used.  It is very sharp.

June 10, 2020

Artifact depicting Primitive Species

Found on my family farm in Ourtlook, WA.  Measures 2"x1", these are images depict a primitive people that I believe existent millions of years ago.  This ancient humanoid species possessed high intelligence and I believe they pre-date Neanderthals, and lived here in North America.
Professionals of the scientific community dismiss this type of ancient rock art as pareidolia, claiming they don't see images.  But when you see images on both sides, it is clear they are mistaken.
This is a rock with images of a species of a primitive race.  There is an image facing to the right and another facing to the left.  It is possibly a couple. The male faces right and female faces to the left.

On the other side of the rock you can see the same images as the first side.  Now the female faces the right and the male to the left.  But on the female's image, you will see a third image facing the viewer.
If you look at the first position and turn the image counterclockwise, there is another image facing to the left.  I believe this is the son and all the images depict a family. .

This artifact is a scraper. The photos demonstrate how the artifact would have been used as a tool.

March 20, 2020

Mystery Man

This artifact shows an image of a body of a man with the head facing the viewer.  Below the face is another image. The mouth of the first image forms the right eye of the second image. What I find mysterious is why the artifacts continue to cross my path. It's as if they are somehow searching for me. I compare these artifacts to the story about the doll that came out of a well in Nampa, ID awhile back.  What I find most mysterious about the case of the doll is why it didn't break when the water expelled it from the well.  These cases are very strange.
Found on my farm in the lower Yakima Valley, this artifact measures two inches in height by one inch across. Who is this man depicted in the effigy? How long ago did he roam the earth? Thousands, perhaps even millions of years ago? Was this a man of great importance? Who created this artifact? Could this perhaps be a depiction of the creator of all things? This single artifact contains many strange mysteries.


March 3, 2020

Artifact depicting prehistoric animals

This artifact was found by Lisa Bird, an amateur archeologist from New York.  She has graciously allowed me to share the artifact on this site.

1st position-Here we see what appears to be a big image of primitive animal facing left and looking down.  facing right and looking is a horse-like animal.  If you look closely at the horse's head, there appear to be two mysterious images, stacked one on top of the other.

In this second view, we see a primitive bird looking left.  If you flip the artifact, you can see another image facing left.

Second view
This is a very mysterious artifact.  On top is the head of a creature facing left.  Below that, there is an image of a modern-looking man facing right.  Below this image are two creature-like images, one facing left and one facing right.
I believe this artifact to be authentic, a very old tool (possibly a primitive scraper). It appears to have been worked  by very skilled hands.  I believe this artifact could be one of the oldest in North America.  There are images of prehistoric creatures on it but I also see depictions of modern man.  Could this man have been the creator of all things many millions,  or possibly billions of years ago?

April 22, 2020

'Knife scraper' artifact depicting multiple faces of primitive humanoid species

This artifact is a knife-scraper tool. It is very clear by the markings that the artifact has had work done to it. I believe this artifact is extremely old, dating perhaps millions of years back (pre-neanderthal). The species that created them undoubtedly possessed high intelligence to create such intricate works of art. Perhaps the creators of this artifact lived even billions of years ago, right here in North America.

Here you have an image facing left and another facing right.

 On the other side of the rock, the same images on the other side can be seen on this side.  The images are fading due to time and erosion.

Here you will see a big image, facing viewer

This artifact is a small knife/scraper.  The pictures depict 4 different ways that the rock can be used as a knife or scraper.  The design of  this multi-use rock shows great intelligence.

April 5, 2020

Artifact depicting family of ancient humans

 Big image of a very primitive man facing viewer.  Another big image facing left. This is likely its mate.  On top of the rock there are two small images facing the viewer.  These are likely the children.

If you turn artifact a little to the left, you will see a large image of a female facing towards the left.  Along with that image, you can see some other smaller images on the left side of the rock.

Could these images on the artifact be the first inhabitants of the planet with high intelligence?  Could these images be depictions of Bigfoot-like creatures that still roam the mountains today?

March 16, 2020

Artifact depicting boat, primitive men


This artifact depicts a boat with images of primitive people.  How long did this different species of people live in North America?  Did they cross the ocean millions of years ago?  Or were there ancient civilizations with knowledge and wisdom?  Why are these artifacts in North America?

I believe there was a highly intelligent civilization that existed millions of years ago, and that it consisted of multiple species of early humans.  


This view depicts a boat carrying people.  There is a big image facing left and a big image facing right.  These same images will also be seen on the other side of the artifact.  You will also see small images facing the viewer.  Above my thumb, you can see an apelike human.  The images are barely visible because it has been buried for millions of years.


This is the other side of the artifact pictured in #1.  Its the same image as the first side.

 These two pictures are of the same image as #2 but are slightly turned to the left.

Feb 10, 2020

Artifact depicting boat, modern men


Explanation: Who made these artifacts?  These images show that there were different species of early humans co-existing in the landscape.  This ship inspires many questions: Was this millions of years ago? Were there intelligent civilizations that existed millions of years ago during the existence of dinosaurs?  Why would there be a ship on an artifact? Were people traveling by water?

I believe there was a civilization with intelligence that existed millions of years ago with different species of people.  



Artifact depicts a ship.  What can also be seen is a type of humanoid that is ape looking.

If you turn artifact you can see a species of man with a long nose facing left. 

Artifact shows an image of a modern man facing right

Artifact shows an image of a prehistoric animal laying down and facing left.  It also shows an image in the middle of a modern man looking at the viewer.

Here you can see a prehistoric animal facing slightly left and towards the viewer.