Feb 10, 2020

Artifact depicting boat, modern men


Explanation: Who made these artifacts?  These images show that there were different species of early humans co-existing in the landscape.  This ship inspires many questions: Was this millions of years ago? Were there intelligent civilizations that existed millions of years ago during the existence of dinosaurs?  Why would there be a ship on an artifact? Were people traveling by water?

I believe there was a civilization with intelligence that existed millions of years ago with different species of people.  



Artifact depicts a ship.  What can also be seen is a type of humanoid that is ape looking.

If you turn artifact you can see a species of man with a long nose facing left. 

Artifact shows an image of a modern man facing right

Artifact shows an image of a prehistoric animal laying down and facing left.  It also shows an image in the middle of a modern man looking at the viewer.

Here you can see a prehistoric animal facing slightly left and towards the viewer.